Consulting Clients

Consulting Clients

Our consulting clients include:

  • Alembic Limited  (One of the largest pharma companies in India)
  • Boston Scientific Corporation, USA   (World’s largest manufacturer of Medicated Stents)
  • Chementechno Srl, Italy  (Technology and Engineering company for pharma)
  • Citi Venture Capital International (Private Equity arm of Citi Bank)
  • Crucell (part of J&J), The Netherlands (Global Biopharmaceutical Company)
  • CX Partners India (Private Equity Fund)
  • DSM (€ 12 bn MNC headquartered in The Netherlands)
  • Elder Pharma, India   (Pharmaceutical company)
  • Evonik Degussa GmbH, Germany   (€ 15 bn MNC headquartered in Germany)
  • ICICI Venture Capital Fund Management Company  (Largest Indian Private Equity Fund)
  • Morgan Stanley  (Private Equity)
  • Sanmotech Private Limited  (An Indian Research Company)
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals International GmbH, Japan (Largest pharmaceutical company in Japan)
  • Unimark Remedies  (API Manufacturer in India)
  • Vivimed Limited  (A specialty chemical and cosmeceutical company)

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