Consulting Work

Consulting Work

M & A Activities

  • Advised Evonik-Degussa for divestment of their R&D Centre in India
  • Identification of target pharmaceutical company for acquisition for a large Indian Industrial House
  • Evaluation of a target Indian company on behalf of a Dutch principal in the business of Calcium products
  • Marketing Partner search for Boston Scientific Inc., USA and help in transitioning to a new business model for India
  • Currently advising a very large MNC for acquisition of an Indian company


  • Development of a drug intermediate at an Indian company for supply to an Italian company with a long term supply agreement (CRAM)
  • Process Development for an API from lab through commercial production for an Italian company under long term supply agreement
  • Concluded two separate technology transfer agreements between a large Indian company and a European company
  • Negotiated for an Indian company to source bio-catalytic process for an API
  • Concluded a three party agreement for API development involving an Italian company, a Korean company and an Indian API manufacturer.
  • Negotiated a Marketing Alliance between a very large distribution company in Nigeria and a large Indian pharmaceutical company
  • Advised Boston Scientific, Inc on finding an Indian distributor and transitioning from direct marketing to distributor model.

Entry Strategy

  • Developed entry strategy for an advanced biotech company in Italy and finalised its alliance with two large Indian Pharmaceutical companies
  • Market Analysis for a South African company for a unique medical device
  • Developed a Business Plan for a natural product company in India and introduced it to potential business partners in the US
  • Concluded global partner search for an Indian Research Company for commercialisation of an innovative supra-cosmetic molecules
  • Advised Takeda on entry strategy for Vaccines.
  • Competitive intelligence for certain MNCs

Private Equity Funding

  • Business Due Diligence for CVC International – Five different assignments in the area of pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals
  • Business Due Diligence for ICICI Venture Fund Management Company – Path Lab Services Company
  • Business Due Diligence for Morgan Stanley – An API company in South East Asia
  • Opportunity generation for equity investment – Opportunity presented to an International Equity Fund. An investment of US $ 30 million was made by the PE Fund after due diligence.
  • Advised CX Partners for PE funding of a leading path lab
  • Business Due Diligence for an Indian API company – Pharma distribution company, UK

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