Marketing Services

Marketing Services

We focus on Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices. We exclusively represent several leading International manufacturers of novel and specialty ingredients. While our primary business is in bulk actives and ingredients, we also market in some cases finished formulations or products. Our customers in India are mainly large pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. Since 2012, we also have made an entry in foods & beverages and cosmeceutical companies. All our products are backed by scientific studies.

We have successfully introduced many new concepts/products to India. SAMe and Quatrefolic  from Gnosis SpA, D-Mannose from Danisco, L-theanine from Taiyo, Krill Oil from Neptune, Yeast β-glucan from Leiber GmbH, Ingestible Keratin from Roxlor LLC, are among the products we introduced first time in India.

Our expertise lies in acquiring deep understanding of the products and science behind the products. Our knowledge of the Indian market helps us to map and identify potential customers and advise our principals on the entry strategy and product positioning.

We are particularly strong in the knowledge of regulatory requirements and facilitate obtaining necessary regulatory approvals for our Principals and Customers.

We have extensive contact network and service most of the companies in the top 30 IMS listing. Apart from access to the top management, our contacts span across medical, in-licensing, marketing, and supply chain departments of our customer companies.

We provide comprehensive services using a qualified team of professionals. All members of our marketing team are post-graduates with basic degree in Life Sciences / Biotechnology. They are all equipped with regulatory knowledge, international trade terms, and all aspects of supply chain management to ensure smooth commercial transactions.

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