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We are looking for post-graduate candidates with MBA or Masters in science / technology with basic degree in Life Sciences / Biotechnology. Designation and compensation would depend on the experience and relevance of experience.

The desired candidate should have sound subject knowledge and should be sincere, hardworking and analytical. The candidate should also be good at IT skills (Microsoft Office) and English communication.

Specific responsibilities for each of the two positions are described below.

Management Trainee/ Executive – Business Development
  • Identification of new product and international principals
  • Techno commercial evaluation of identified products/opportunities
  • Mapping the Indian market and identifying potential customers
  • Servicing principals and customers
  • Market intelligence and market monitoring
Export Sourcing
  • Experience as a sourcing Agent of Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Herbal & Ayurvedic Ingredients for International Companies from India.
  • Knowledge and experience in the regulatory requirement and process of Export of the above specified ingredients from India.
  • Contacts with leading manufacturers of the above specified ingredients in India for export sourcing.
  • Knowledge of large international clients looking for sourcing the above specified ingredients from India.

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